Offended coworker


Quick backstory: I work in Special Education, so my sensitivity level to “mean” comments is very minimal, I just don’t get offended all that easily. Well, I was pregnant during the same seasons last year with rainbow #1. I’m a plus sized gal regularly (260 ish) and didn’t gain but 16 pounds with him.

So, I’m walking with my coworker inside of a school Friday, now 27 weeks pregnant for #2, and am growing differently (another boy) than I did. I had lost all of my previous baby weight (+6 extra but who’s counting). A teacher came up to me and said, “I didn’t know you were pregnant again, you’re a big lady so I just thought you didn’t lose your baby weight, congratulations though. I know you wanted to have children. It’s hard at your size.” So, I smiled, said thank you, and continued to walk and talk to my coworker. She’s a plus size lady too, maybe 220 lbs now but had fertility struggles like I did. When we got to the meeting room she was visibly upset. When I inquired she said she didn’t understand how I could just be okay with that teacher’s comments. I explained that I didn’t think she was trying to be hurtful and I have accepted that it’s not so easy to tell I’m pregnant.

Well, she decided to approach that teacher and talk with them about how rude her comment to me was and that she was offended by it.

The teacher obviously came ask me about it. Here’s the thing:I honestly don’t feel that was my coworkers place. It did not offend me. My coworker said I must just be “numb.”

What’s your thoughts? Should I tell my coworker that it wasn’t her place to go talk to this teacher or just let the situation die out?

I honestly don’t think anyway was trying to be malicious.