Am I crazy for being pissed? Rant

My husband recently went back to working in a restaurant. He’s a general manager and he’s working a TON of hours to get his restaurant up to par to prepare for a promotion. I’m a stay-at-home mom and we have two daughters ages 6 and 1. Because of his long hours, our girls haven’t seen much of him lately. My oldest has started asking about him and I let him know they miss him. Over the past two weeks there were two times he went out after work to have a drink with coworkers. The kids were already asleep so it wasn’t an issue there, but it just hurts my feelings a bit because I’m home literally all day with our kids doing 100% of the parenting and he gets to go out and have a good time like it’s nothing. Here’s my tipping point. Tonight his restaurant did a catering for some big party and they had to stay to serve the food. He borrowed my minivan because he needed more space than his sedan for all the food- which I wasn’t happy about because the caterings can get messy and food usually spills and he has a history of not cleaning it up. But anyways, I knew he was gonna be late but I usually stay up and wait for him. He called at 1am to tell me he’s going to get food with his brother-in-law (who works with him) and two other co-workers. He proceeds to tell me that a female coworker is driving my van because he drank too much bourbon and he doesn’t know how he’s gonna get home because he’s too drunk. Why the f*** was he drinking at a work event? Among other questions 🙄 He’s been working every weekend and we haven’t taken the girls to any Halloween festivities, so I took my girls by myself to the pumpkin patch today. We went to the mall, had dinner at my parents house, normal stuff. I got the kids to bed and waited on him. And this is the shit I get in return. He’s not even much of a drinker. We’re really a bunch of homebodies so it’s out of character for him to drink so often. He claims he’s trying to build relationships with his team, but is all of that really necessary??! I know he’s not cheating, it’s not even a question. I’m just pissed that he has so little consideration for me. I literally do every bit of housework you can think of and take care of every single thing our girls need. And I don’t get a single thank you. But I get crying babies who miss their dad, and rush to the window any time they hear a car. Funny thing is we’re actually trying for another baby and he wasn’t super stoked about it at first and he’s working a lot so I haven’t been trying all that hard. He came on to me last night and I was half asleep and he makes a comment “so I guess we’re not trying anymore?” Uhhh what? He hadn’t said a thing about it the past 2 months and all the sudden it’s a concern? I’m just so annoyed and stressed!!! So now he’s wants another baby but he wants to work all the time and go out for drinks instead of trying to make said baby. And I can only imagine what it would be like when the baby gets here- me parenting THREE kids on my own. And I really want this third baby but if he’s going to act like we’re 20 again I’m not about that life. If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I’m just so frustrated and I feel like he doesn’t understand why.