Confused on feelings about a guy

So there’s this guy, way back when in like 6th grade I had a crush on him he was so cute, we were in the same class and shared some mutual friends and sorta talked but not really. He never knew I liked him.

Fast forward now we’re both in 11th grade and I haven’t seen him much since then. So one day I’m in the cafeteria and he sees me and gives a head nod, then the next day he’ll smile and say hey, then other days he’ll smile and wave.

So one day I told my guy friend to say hi to the guy again after he already said hi to me and next thing you know he asks to sit down with us at lunch. My guy friend is quiet and does his homework making me and the other guy have awk convo. I think we were both nervous but it was kinda nice tho to catch up. It was prob the first real convo we ever had in a long time 😂 he only sat w us that one time tho.

He’s in one of my classes this year but whenever he sees me he’ll usually try to say hi to me now almost all the time.

So then a week passes and he posted on social media that he was in sort of an accident and i asked what happ/if he was okay etc. he said he was fine and then he randomly sent me “streaks” after that (we didn’t have one before)

So the next night we were having a convo on snap about random stuff like some things in 6th grade & etc and you could tell he was trying to keep the convo lol

Hes in a welding class and showed me his bird house and cutting board he made which was very impressive. I tried to approach him 2x starting a convo and I’m kinda proud of myself cuz I’m so bad at guys. I got in trouble one of those times cuz I was standing up idk the teacher was being annoying that day so I said bye and we both were laughing.

On the day he showed me his birdhouse I was talking to him ab it he seems passionate about his class & I like that. When the class was over we were both standing next to each other so we just talked more about random stuff.

But when we were walking my class was so close so I said bye in the middle of his sentence and I guess he didn’t hear me cuz he kept walking so then I said fuck it I would just walk him to his class instead😂😂 then we were talking and walking it was so cute walking him to his class I felt like as if we were Bf/gf.

But there’s always some awkwardness tho when we’re talking. Like sometimes he’ll just do one of those smile-chuckles looking into my eyes and I’m awkwardly laughing too cuz idk what to say. I think we’ve both been putting in some effort to start the convo first but I can’t figure him out!! Like he’ll send me funny pictures and I think it’s nice bc we miss seeing each other’s faces. And we both enjoy the same show. Like sometimes he’ll leave me on open but hours later he’ll talk about something else. Also I learned that he plays guitar too which I loveeeee. I really can’t figure it out tho. I haven’t thought about him in a long time. I have no clue whether he might like me or is just interested in being friends with me?? Two of my friends said that they couldn’t really see it. I mean I’m not even sure where I stand with him, if I even have feelings or not for him. Idk what to think/do. I like talking to him though :) im so bad at guys and flirting and stuff I haven’t had a real boyfriend yet ://

Thanks for reading this!!

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