Low pelvic pain?

Amanda • 💕 34yr old stepmom married to a handsome, supportive man and TTC our 1st. I’ve experienced two chemical pregnancies, one tfmr of twins at 14 weeks due to Trisomy 13, one MMC at 10 weeks (baby was 7 weeks), and a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. It’s been tough

I’m constipated. Ok, I’m working on it. So last night I was sitting on the toilet, exhausted, and kinda zoned out for like 5 minutes and then this pain started, low in my pelvis, like almost down into my vagina. It’s not cramping, it just is a dull pressure that hurts. It hasn’t stopped, it lessened but still there.

I think I’m in my 5 week range, tests keep getting darker, no bleeding and symptoms keep getting worse. Anyone else?