I need help!!!! *cross posted*


My baby is 6 days old. On Friday the doc said she was still losing weight. She was born 7.2 and on Friday she was 6.11, 6.15 when we left hospital on that Wednesday. She is formula fed, if that matters. Doc said its important to feed her every 3 hours and try to up her intake because she was only about 40ml a feeding or less. My problem is, she won't wake to e@t very well. She might take 1 ounce then shes off to sleep again. Ive tried everything to wake her up to eat better or wake back up during feeding. I can change her diaper, put a cold baby wipe on her feet or chest, make loud noises and undo her clothes. I don't know what to do. I will say occasionally it makes her mad to change her diaper, but she still won't finish her bottle. Any ideas?? Any tips??