Is he okay?

Guess • 🔹Married to my high school sweet heart🔹Mom of two amazing boys, Maverick born Jan 2017 and Arius born Sept 2018 🔹just diagnosed with Hashimotos disease

So my son is 3 weeks old. When he was almost 2 weeks old he got viral meningitis and was in the PICU for several days. He got better was acting like his old self then all of the sudden the last 3 days he has been off. He is so fussy and it’s hard to get him to latch to eat he angrily shakes his head with his mouth open but won’t latch unless I fight him on it a lot then he will eat a bit and stop then act hungry mins later this will go on for hours.

He is having lots of wet diapers, no temp, not throwing up, he overall looks good he is just acting kinda off. Last night he also slept for almost 8 hours without waking me up and the longest he had ever gone is 4 hours.

Could it still be him recovering from the meningitis or is something else going on with him? I feel like if I took him into the doctor they would just stare at me and be like ummm he is fine. overall he seems fine he is just a little off.