Been ttc for 6yrs no luck

I was on birth control for 4 year then decided we wanted to try for baby # 1. I came off birth control in May and by the end of July I was pregnant. Tried mirena and didn’t like it(it hurt) so tried condoms instead. When the baby turned 2 we decided we wanted to try for baby # 2. We have been trying since then (our first is 8 1/2 now) I have heard that coming off birth control can make you super ovulate. Was it coming off the birth control that got us pregnant? Should I try going back on it for a while then stop and ttc again? Our insurance doesn’t cover anything for fertility treatments. We know he has a low sperm count and I have cysts (nabothian and follicular so they shouldn’t be stopping us from getting pregnant) all blood work came back fine. But this is the most information we can get without seeing an actual fertility specialist. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.