Mens opinion on what he wants?

Hey guys I need advice. So I’m 26 and currently single. My ex from high school recently reached out to me. It was interesting to hear from him because I hadn’t heard from him in 8 years. He was my first kiss, and boyfriend. Anyways we broke up because his parents didn’t agree with interracial dating and we were going to separate colleges. He now tells me he’s been to my native country twice and even majored in Spanish. He asked if I was seeing anyone and he’s been borderline flirty. He said he noticed I like to date men in uniform and he’s “willing to put in his resume” (he’s a cop now). He messages me every day and even told me he kept everything I gave him in high school. When I asked him if he was single he said “well I am but I’m not looking for a relationship”... I’m confused as to why he reached out? What’d y’all think he wants?