My boyfriend don’t take me out


There is nothing sexier than a man who takes initiative and plans unique, fun outings. They can be as simple as a stroll in the park, or as extravagant as a culinary experience at the newest restaurant in the city. Regardless of what he's got planned, he considers your interests and likes. He includes a special something each time.

It feels like I am begging my boyfriend to have fun things with me. I am not fancy girl or anything or don’t ask much but I like to do fun things with the one I love especially of me not having friends to go out with on adventures. I give him so many sign of what he can do to plan but to him he feels like I talk to much and that he hates eating at restaurants. There’ is nothing wrong with that cause he make it seem like I want to go out every day. When it doesn’t hurt for the two of us to go out once a month or two or even three he could plan something nice for the two of us. I even try to plan stuff for him but he denied it by not wanting to go out.

I am more like an adventurous type of girl I like them parks go karting rock climbing bowling and etc. it feels like I listen to my friends saying story what they do with their boyfriend and I’m just creating fake stories and lies that he does that. It’s always a back and fourth with him like recently he took me to this restaurant and trust me I was not myself cause I felt uncomfortable and surprise that he did it seems like I didn’t know how to act like myself especially when I haven’t had him taken me out for so long. Even when I was pregnant I told him was craving for an omelette at IHOP’s he had the nerve to tell me to go myself which I did and ate alone.

He has no problem on spending money on things like shoes he like to collect and lottery which I truly understand you want to take your chances or winning and collecting to have nice things. But when I call him out that you can go out with your boys and spend money on clubs and shit but can’t take your girlfriend out he gets mad. And yet you want to travel the world and don’t want to do anything fun. When I told him in the beginning of our relationship I am more of a simple girl I don’t like going out but it’s the thought that matter even if it’s a small thing I am fine with it.

When I tell him how to treat his girlfriend the little things he can do he always tell go be with someone who do that. Idk what I am doing wrong when I don’t ask much. Am I to ugly for him to take me out would you guys get mad if your significant other don’t take you out or even do the little things like holding hands laughing and embracing each other. It’s not always about sex cause that he has no problem to do so or talk about it.