Bacterial vaginosis & spotting 10w6d. Scared!


I had a Pap smear done this past Tuesday and Friday morning I started lightly spotting brown so I called my OB and she said my test results had just came in and I had BV and a yeast infection and the spotting was normal due to the cervix irritation from the Pap smear and infections. The spotting was so light Friday morning and I went and picked up my antibiotics and ever since starting them (it’s Sunday morning now) my spotting has gotten heavier. It’s still light and brown but it’s more than it was before.

I’m 10w6d and I don’t even feel pregnant anymore besides my vivid dreams at night and still enlarged breasts but they’re not even sore anymore. My nipples are a little. I know your symptoms can taper off as you approach the second trimester but this spotting is freaking me out plus the loss of a few symptoms. I don’t feel as tired anymore now too.

Does all this sounds normal to y’all? I’m driving myself crazy but also trying not to stress at the same time.

Anyone with BV or a yeast infection spot also? For how long? And input is appreciated. Thanks 😞