I have so much resentment towards my s/o now that I’m pregnant.

I don’t know what it is, but every little thing he does bothers me.

But today.....

I went to go grocery shopping earlier (he never usually goes) but I got irritated that he didn’t even offer to go and help. I get back home, and he didn’t help me unload anything, and I know he saw me struggling to bring the stuff in, meanwhile he’s just sitting on his ass playing his PlayStation.

So I get pissy, and tell him the stuff needs put up. He ignores me, so I walk back in the living room to see him still on his ass, not putting the groceries away... I tell him the groceries need put up and he gets in a smart ass tone and says “oh yeah?” As if I don’t have the right to tell him they need put up.

20 minutes later and they still aren’t put up, so I start doing it myself. As soon as I’m almost done he goes “I was going to do that after this match.”

I am so ready to chunk that PlayStation out the window.