Who is my baby’s daddy .

I had sex with a guy in April and had a period May 1st then had sex may 19th and all days after that. My baby is matching up to May guy . I jus wanted to know if any chance it could be guy from April . I’m due February 10th was my first due date then the 6th was my final due date . Everything still matches up to guy 2 (May) I’m just worried cause what if the sperm could’ve lived those 8 days and into my period then impregnated me after ? But he didn’t fully cum in me at all and before we did it again he went and wiped his penis off completely, but I just want to know for sure it’s no need for a DNA because it was literally a month apart . My doctor says I’m no where near April I got pregnant in May for sure around the 15,16,17,18, of course the basic ovulation days ... can anyone give me some words of wisdom. And I really learned my lesson I’m never sleeping back and fourth ever in my life again!!!!!!! But may guy has all the symptoms he was sleeping ALOT eating gained so much weight and definitely acts pregnant more than me .