I’m a girl mom.

Amy • 🤰🏻 with #4 edd 3/09/19🎀, mom to 3 beautiful girls. 3/3/10, 4/27/14, 4/8/17.

Two days ago I had my anatomy scan for my 4th and final baby. To what I was expecting I was told it was another little girl. She has 3 older sisters, Tatum, Felicity, and Skye. Her name will be Carson and she will be deeply loved. Tucked far down under all that love is a little bit of sadness. I will never know what a son of mine would look like. I will never know his laugh, what color hair, or eyes he would have. I will never know his personality or the type of man he would grow up to be. And in 20 weeks I will stare into the beautiful face of my daughter and what likely will be bright blue eyes and that sadness will fade. Some days it may pop up when I look at my nephew or if my brother in law or my sister have boys. I was simply meant to be a girl mom. God has a bigger, better story that I don’t understand coming into play. I will love my little girls with all my heart. 👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻