Advice 🙄

So it's been a year since being with my partner, don't get me wrong he's a lovely person and I d9n live him, but there's just a few things that piss me the fuck off, one) he's still so flipping immature, like he would say something a 5 year old would ask, my 2 year old is more intelligent. For an example, it was my daughter's 2nd birthday yesterday, so all the laundry I had done, I had put on my bed anyway later that night, I had said to him if your going bed early just put all the washing on the draws and we will do it tomorrow, he then fell asleep, so woke him up said the same thing, then he falls back asleep THEN he asks 20mins later "what do you want me to do with the washing" no lie this tipped my edge, then we have a fall blown argument at half 12 midnight. Told me then that I was thinking about myself, don't see how when I told him to go bed.

So anyway he messages my best mate asking for advice on how to handle this situation like WTF.. use your brain and figure it out, I've told him that I don't go crying to his mum or mates about you pissing me off. He's trying to self pitty everything and he's playing victim, this is what my best mate said!

I'm that kind of person where I don't answer stupid questions unless someone is being sarcastic "joke " for an example he asked "shall I have a bath or a shower" you think about that or get your crystal ball out. This really annoys me, who the heck says that shit! Then says I'm just being sarcastic 🤬

Please tell me I'm over thinking all this or is there anyone else that's like me, I mean I don't even find him funny nor have q sence of humour & really pissed me off to the point it annoys me even MOREEEEEE!