Husband w addiction wants to be a sahd

Although my husbands the sole provider, he has a lot of addiction, alcohol, weed, and porn. Yesterday night, he told me he wants to be a stay at home dad. And i be the provider. He says hes tired of working. But i dont think he should take that role, especially cause hes an alcoholic, does weed, and porn. Not a good role model for the kids. What do u guys think? He will not get help, he said whenever hes tired of it, he will quit himself. But doesnt plan on quitting til hes 70. -_- i feel like he just wants to stay home and be a bum, leave everything for me. And not even care for the kids. Leave all the dishes for me, ill have to cook enough for them thruout the day, before i leave to work. Leave the laundry for me to wash, everything.