Solve This Fight...


Okay, I’ll give you the scenario and the options presented by both parties.

Two people have work that needs done, but different kinds. Person A works a full time job, and person B is a full time student. A and B have a 1 year old child together. Today is Sunday, and both people are home for the day, with the 1 yo. But both people also have work to do, A has to type a proposal for a new job (they’re their own boss) and B has a paper to write for school, both due tomorrow, but “assigned” Friday.

Both people are in the same situation, right? Now for the 1 yo. Needs everything a normal child needs, fed, changed, comforted occasionally. So the three wake up, B makes breakfast, and A starts their proposal. B feeds the 1 yo and themself and while the 1 yo is eating, begins their paper. When the 1 yo is done, B asks A to get them from their chair. A thinks B should because A is busy with the proposal. But B is busy with their paper and already did the cooking, so believes A should do clean up.

This trend follows suit the rest of the time A and B are working, everytime the 1 yo needs something, A expects it to be B.

B thinks it would be fair to split the work (with the baby and general housework) 50/50 since both people have other obligations as well.

A thinks that because they have a “real job” and B is only a student, the house and child care responsibility lays with B alone.

Who’s right?