Follicular cyst. = Funtional cyst = confusion. Help please


Last month went in and was put on estrace. Two weeks later I went back and there was a small follical. I went back 3 times that week till it got to 18. Took ovidrell. Did the iui. And I failed to ovulate.

Prometrium for ten days. On the third day I ended up in the emergancy room with pains so bad I was vomiting.

The very next day I went to my RE and he said I have 5 small folicals. Come back in 2 weeks.

That leads me to this past Friday. He mentioned the word follicular cyst. Then wanted to do a iui on Sunday. Which is today. I asked since the last iui didnt work because I never ovulated. Can we see if I can ovulate first. I go back on Monday to check the growth again. I believe that we are going with the ovidrel injection again. Followed by baby dance.

Now what I dont understand is the functional cyst. Correct me if I am wrong. But I thought if it failed to release the egg. It turns into a follicular cyst? Can I actually force it to release the egg? Help I'm confused in all of this!