Laura • Mom of 1

I’m pregnant with number two and I have doubts on if this was a good idea or not.

I am depressed and seeing a therapist as of last week, so I know I’m not coming from a completely rational place.

I do everything around the house. All of the family responsibilities fall on me and I’ve been the only breadwinner for the last three+ years. My husband has only begun contributing in the last few months. I am really resentful and struggling to be positive whenever he does try to make an effort. It’s too little too late.

I know with number two I’m either going to need to give up my expectations and be okay raising two kids on my own with occasional support from him, or I need to continue to slam my head against this wall until he changes or I leave.

I wanted another one for my daughter’s sake. I am just so sad that it may not be with my husband if he continues to live this way and take advantage and if I can’t get over my resentment.