HELP. This is gonna be long.

On the 10th of October my period was due. My period did not come and still hasn't, on the 5th day of my missed period i decided to test with a clear blue because here in the uk everyone seems to trust them 100%. I took the test and got the faintest of faintest lines.

So i decided to wait a little longer to take another in a few days. On 6 days past missed af i got a light bleed when i wiped myself on the toilet once.

So i continued with my day and decided to take another test on the 7th day of missed af. This was the result.

So here i am thinking that i was pregnant and getting very excited.

On the 9th day past missed af i got another small bleed again just the once the same as the one before it only happened the once when i wiped.

So now I'm stressing out. I take another test on the 10th and i get a big fat negative.

My period still hasn't turned up and I'm 12 days past missed af now.

I do feel different. I had a cp last month. I have a frequent urge to wee, back pains, waves of nausea and a dull ache in my stomachs at times. Also boobs are so sore especially my nipples.

Could i be pregnant? Am i pregnant or not?

Just wanting some advice 😭🤞🏽🤰🏽♥️