Possible Miscarriage

According to my last period & this app, I should be 7w today . I took a pregnancy test a week and a half ago.

I’ve had a miscarriage before on 12/2/15. I began cramping for hours and then bleeding and went to the er. I had not yet been to the OBGYN. The doctor told me an ultrasound was not necessary when I requested one and did an immediate d&c. I was carrying twins.

So when I began cramping and bleeding yesterday (approx 1am), I got scared. I bled heavily for hours, passing what looked like large blood clots. I called the hospital and asked if I should come in. My first ob appointment is scheduled for 10/31.

I drove myself to the er. The doctor was very kind and thorough. He ran urine and blood tests, did a pelvic exam, and a vaginal ultrasound .

My tests were inconclusive as my hcG levels were only suggesting 4wk pregnant, and there was no baby visible in the ultrasound; however he said it could possibly just be too early to see.

He mentioned something about a cyst that forms during pregnancy before the placenta takes over, which was visible in my ultrasound . The ultrasound was very painful when the tech examined my left ovary. I am on bed rest for the next couple of days and have to follow up with the obgyn for more blood work to see if my hcG levels increase .

I am still cramping, still bleeding.

I’m devastated.

Has anyone else experienced this ?