Is 99.3 a fever?

Darian • Mama to Ainslee💜 and Emery💖

My stepdaughter was visiting her mom today whom just came back into her life 2 months ago after being absent for over 3 years. Me and my husband (her dad) have been her sole parents all this time. She visits her mom every other Sunday. Every time her mom brings her back to us our daughter tells us her mom told her she was sick and gave her flu medicine. We don’t like that she does that because she isn’t sick, she has allergies this time of year, and we give her allergy medicine at night for it. Which we can’t do if she’s already had other medicine. And her mom doesn’t tell us that she does it so thankfully our daughter tells us! Today I text her and this is what she said... Opinions please cause me and dad are a little annoyed.

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