Allergic to new birth control or just can’t handle it?


My doc didn’t really go over the side effects or reactions with me.

I have a rash down my legs, constant headaches, boobs hurt extremely bad, constant nausea and am spotting every day. This kind of thing has happened with every birth control I’ve ever taken and now I’m on my fifth type! I’m wondering if I just can’t handle birth control? I do have thyroid issues, and an overactive immune system. However, I’ve never had the rash before and it’s as itchy as hives. I’m constantly miserable on BC and I’m starting to think we should just still with condoms. We’re TTC next year anyway and he’s getting snipped after that baby.

I can’t handle this guys and I don’t know if I’m just being a baby or if this is legit a thing women have issues with. 😭😭😭