TTC for 1 year and nothing


I am really beginning to feel discouraged. We have been ttc baby #2 for exactly one year now and nothing. I get regular periods and ovulate each month and my husband had a sperm analysis done and everything came back normal. My doctor wants me to have an HSG done to see if my tubes are blocked but my insurance doesn’t cover it so I’m currently saving up to have that test done. We want another baby so badly and I just don’t know why it’s not happening. We used preseed this cycle and I’m currently one week from the start of my period so hopefully it will happen. My doctor has also had me do two rounds of clomid already but doesn’t want me to do another round until I have the HSG done.

I really just need to vent. I know a lot of us are feeling the same way and going through the same stuff so I don’t feel as alone. Hopefully this will be the month for those of you going through a similar situation. 🙂