Holy fuck someone’s just broke into my house!

I just JUST move out on my own. I’m 20 years old and moved into a house that was built in the freaking 1700s, any ways. It was 10:00 I was about to fall asleep when i heard someone kicking my door super loud, my Pittbull was going insane I let him out of my bedroom that is upstairs. I grabbed my taser called my dog using clicking sounds (he’s trained to be a guard dog) and we went and hid in a little crawl space it’s hidden in the wall it looks like the until you push it and it opens it’s very small you can walk in you have to army crawl into. Any ways I heard my front door finally open and then slammed shut four times open and closed open and closed. Omg I was so scared I’dk who it was but they left now and I called the police