Dead beat dad


My child’s father is a dead beat and what kills me is that he doesn’t think he is. I’m really Annoyed with his attitude, that I feel myself festering a hate for him. The site of him alone is enough to send me at a rage. I pay for everything. And he believes that buying her a pair of sneakers every 6 months and seeing her on Christmas is what it takes to make a good father ummm no, then he turns it on me saying I don’t bring her around, well I don’t because I work 2 jobs and on the weekends we do set thing up you bail. I brought her a cell phone for her birthday ( let me remind you that he forgot her birthday) and he never calls her at all she always calls him and she’s 6!!!! I don’t know what to do with this situation I don’t want my daughter to get hurt and the sad part is I know it’s gonna happen I don’t want him in her life idk what to do