Calling off my wedding... 💔

I’m so hurt I don’t even know what to do. I had discussed with my fiancé that I was very uncomfortable with him going to a strip club for his bachelor party. We agreed for our relationship that if he went to one while we were together we would go together because I have friends in the industry and really don’t like the atmosphere and stories I’ve heard but am okay with doing it together sporadically as a couple. I don’t really love them in general.

I put my feelings and reservations aside and told him he could go but please no private dances. Idc if they’re just doing their job, if in any other situation that happened it would be cheating and its a deal breaker for me and he knew that. Before he left he told me I had nothing to worry about and I expressed privately to his brother (his best man) that I was absolutely not okay with private dances.

Que as soon as he leaves he stops texting me, calling me, no communication whatsoever. I texted him ONCE and sent him a few cute pictures of our son (which we do everyday and he did this for me on my bachelorette party) but not late into the night because i didn’t want to seem to clingy and disrupt his night out at about 7 PM, no response. I never hear from him until I text him at 8 AM telling him we need to talk.

I just have a gut feeling something bad happened. I get home and ask him why he hadn’t texted me whatsoever and he told me point blank, “I didn’t want you to ruin my fun” He then tried lying to me saying he did nothing and then he finally told the truth that he did get lap dances and even touched a strippers breasts. I feel disgusted and heartbroken. I feel like I can’t trust him when he lied right to my face and disrespected me in front of his friends and family. I feel like I can’t marry him anymore and he does this less than 2 weeks before our wedding day. I don’t know what to do...