I Need Assistance


This is a long story. It’s like a whole thing. I am going to my dr Tuesday, but I’m hoping someone has had a similar experience and can help me understand what’s going on in the mean time.

Two weeks ago I started my period early- like 5 days. It was light (for me- my periods are super brutal) and ended earlier than normal. It was bright red and enough to fill several super tampons. Something told me to take a pregnancy test after it never restarted- I just had some symptoms. It was a faint positive. I continued to get positives from last Friday night to Monday afternoon. Monday I spotted (it was bright red) I put in a tampon because I’ve had several chemical pregnancies in the last 4 months. I took it out 30 minutes later and it was barely bloody at all ( I am going to add a photo). The next day my test was fainter, the day after that it was negative. I assumed another chemical and have been waiting for more bleeding to finish this whole thing. It. Hasn’t. Happened. In fact I just keep getting white milky discharge and ewcm. Tonight I took another pregnancy test and I’m pretty sure there’s a faint positive? Who even am I?!? Has anyone had a similar experience! I feel so confused. Pics below. You

First positives- I did also get a positive clear blue digital literally moments before the spotting incident

TMI the spotting

Negative test after spotting

EWCM from last night