Anybody else use CBD oil?

Mary • 💙Zander Nikolai💙 4/5/2019

I was vaping CBD multiple times a day until I was 8wks5days. We announced at 8&5, so I stopped vaping CBD so people wouldn’t judge. I had 0 nic just flavored CBD vape juice. I got this in today, and already feel so much better. I’m 16 weeks, my anxiety has been through the roof since I lost my grandma at 8 weeks, and my doggo at 9 weeks. I’ve had no motivation, cry myself to sleep a lot because I’m not used to not having Maya with me when I go to bed, and my chronic migraines have come back. I had them completely under control before I got pregnant. Just used these drops about 10 minutes ago and already feel so much better. The headache eased up a ton, and I actually feel relaxed. This is one of the best brands I could find and it contains 0 THC.