I think I may be pregnant and I'm extremely worried..

Kyleigh • ❤️Kyleigh K. ❤️

So, I want to be a mommy like no other. I can feel it in my heart especially when I hold my husband's daughter. (She is 2)

But my concern is I've lost both of my pregnancies. The second loss was the worst due to the fact that we were at the range and I though it was just cramps until I felt that "gush". I looked down and I was covered in blood. My husband promptly knew what was going on and rushed me to MaGee womans hospital, by the time we got there, I was sitting in a pool of my own blood. That day we lost our little pride and joy and he also almost lost me.

I found a doctor who said she could make this work. And my goodness do I ever want it to but it is wrong for me to be absolutely terrified at the same time??

I am O pos Rh. Do any of you know If an Rh factor affects pregnancy?


Hopefully a momma.