False labor vs real contractions?


So for the past ten weeks I’ve had Braxton Hicks, never painful but definitely got more uncomfortable the last couple weeks. At my appt on Tuesday I was 3cm dilated and baby was low. Doctor thought I’d go right around 37 weeks (I’m currently 36+2). I’ve been up since 4am with what I thought started as BH (they’ve never woken me up before) 12 hours later and they have definitely gotten stronger and I have them every 5-7 minutes. They feel like intense period cramps during the contraction. My doctor said to call once they are 5 min apart for 1 hour and I have to “stop what I’m doing” to get through the pain. It’s so hard to tell because I definitely think they are getting more painful but I also think I have a high pain tolerance. Does this sound like false labor or real labor slowly progressing?