Brianne • Hallei RaeAnn 08-11-15 Oakley Taven 06-18-19 Engaged 05-13-18

So my SO asked me to marry him May 13th 2018. I said yes. Well now 5 months later, after we’ve told all of our family, set a date and started making plans, he decides, while watching Ron White, that he’s never getting married. I’m 7 weeks pregnant and sensitive as it is so this hurt more than it normally would have. I don’t understand why he asked if he never planned on doing it and he doesn’t understand why I’m so upset about it. I’m frustrated and pissed off to the point I want to take my engagement ring off. Since marriage is nothing but a piece of paper to him this ring must be nothing more than a hunk of metal. 😭😡

What would you do?