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16 weeks with baby #4 and in the mood to show off not only my somewhat half there bump ๐Ÿคฐ but my beautiful family. Iโ€™m blessed to have. This baby was truly a miracle after fighting cervical cancer. I was told that I would no longer be able to conceive. I was in a head on collision almost 5 months ago that took the life of another person. The date of the accident we found out we were expecting. Iโ€™ll never take my life nor my family or husband for granted I just want to tell you ladies out there struggling with fertility issues you are all in my prayers. From someone whoโ€™s lived in battered women shelters to being a single mom of two boys and not knowing whether or not Iโ€™d ever find love again. I want you to know everything happens for reason donโ€™t ever give up youโ€™re worth a beautiful happily ever after.

( my husband adopted my two boys and we have a daughter together. after being beaten within an inch of my life from my first husband I never expected to have love. But my husband now has given me nothing but strength, love and the ability to heal and grow into the woman I am today.)

My oldest 10 Xavior

My Middle baby 6 Nathaniel

My youngest Paisley almost 4 in February

The man that changed my entire world ๐ŸŒ