Mother knows all 🤦🏻‍♀️


After my last pregnancy, I vowed to not let my mother know if I even get pregnant again or that she’d be the last person to know

I told her the first time and told her not to tell anyone... but ‘grandma’ was just so excited 🙄

She told so many people and I ended up MC and it was horrible because I had people I didn’t even know knew congratulating me on my pregnancy until I made a public announcement for everyone to fuck off (I said it nicely tho)

But today we are talking on the phone and she brings up my period out of no where and then she just assumed about the baby

And any one who knows me knows I can’t lie to my mom. I can keep any and every secret away from her when she asks I can’t lie to her.

She promised to not tell anyone this time

And it is a weight off my chest that she knows

But I don’t know how the hell she just knows this stuff off of like little subtle things

I asked her how she knew and she goes ‘you sounded mean on the phone’ 😂😂😂