Apparently my body's old habits die hard

Melissa • First Glow baby in December 2016, just found out I'm pregnant again and due in March 2019.

So with my first pregnancy, I had chronic bacterial vaginosis. Like I'd have it, be treated, be okay for a little while, and then it would come back at least three or four times over that pregnancy. I thought I was good, but I started to notice some of my old symptoms and sure enough, it's back again.

I haven't had it in two years, but it just seems like I always have it while pregnant. I have to get my meds and start them later today. I'm hoping this will be the only time I get it, but knowing my track record, it probably won't be.

I asked them why I keep getting it and they said some people are just prone to it and pregnancy makes it even more likely to get. Anyone else deal with it too?