Lifting Restriction💪🏾💪🏾

Hey Ladies❤️ So I had my first prenatal visit and my doctor said he doesn’t want be lifting more than 20 lbs. I told him I am a CNA and he told me to always get help when I’m lifting... my job is aware since I have a doctors note. But we also have my bonus daughter a couple times a week and we take care of my nephew every other week for the custody we have with his mom.... they are 2 and 3.... and definitely way more than 20lbs.... what do I do about lifting? My husband won’t let me don anything that even looks semi heavy... he won’t even let me go grocery shopping without him or my sisters. I just don’t want to feel useless. I am also 10 weeks❤️💜💙🤰🏾👶🏽 Thank you loveys in advance❤️