So i don’t know if this belongs in this group or not but didn’t know where else to put it. I’m a first time mom here and I’m having a hard time knowing how to dress my baby. I know your suppose to dress them a layer more than you. So does that mean if I’m wearing long sleeves and pants she needs to be wearing long sleeves and pants plus something underneath? And for bedtime...our house is about 70 degrees (feels cool to me most of the time) my thin sleep sacks weren’t thick enough to keep her warm so we have been using the fleece ones and her wearing just a diaper. This seems to keep her warmer but is that ok for her to sleep in? I also have so many cute outfits I want to put her in but the are pants and long sleeves (without the mitten things) and socks don’t fit her they are to big so they don’t stay on and the mittens don’t fit her I just feel like her hands and feet would get to cold if they aren’t covered up.