Non-Stress Test and BPP


Has anyone had any BPP or non-stress testing done?

I’m just about 39 weeks pregnant and about a week and a half ago her movements slowed down. She’s been a VERY active baby this whole pregnancy and I just figured it was from her running out of room.

On Friday 10/19 I had my regular weekly appointment with my OB and her heart rate was 126. She’s normally in the 148-155 bpm range so my doctor had me do the NST and BBP.

She was non-reactive for the stress test. They had me drink juice, change positions, walk and even used a little buzzer to try and get her going but she wouldn’t budge.

For my BBP my amniotic fluid was fine, lungs and everything looked good and we saw small movements. I went back Wednesday 10/24 for another non stress test and had the same results. She was non-reactive and heart rate was a little lower then normal. I was sent to the fetal medicine specialist at the hospital for testing again today with the same results as the last two.

What will they actually do since she keeps failing? I can still feel her move from time to time but it’s definitely not the 10 movements in an hour like they want.

I didn’t have this problem with my first born. Will they induce labor or just wait it out since I only have a week left?

It’s starting to make me all paranoid counting every movement. Has anyone else gone through anything similar?