Please help me make sense...

I’m having an extremely hard time getting through to my husband.

With our firstborn, we didn’t even tell people I was having a baby until a day after she was born. We didn’t have people come visit until a couple days after we got home with her. It was just what I wanted and needed and I loved it.

Now that our second is due any minute, the situation is more complicated. Our daycare lady said she would take our first any time day or night. Our neighbor did too. (We live 2 hrs from both our families.) Now my daycare and neighbor are both gone for the weekend and I’m in the midst of labor. My contractions aren’t going away. Our only option would be for my mother in law to come to town to stay with our first. The problem with this is she gives me so much anxiety. She will not be in the hospital nor will she visit. I also don’t want anyone in my house when we come home first day with the baby. It’s too much and I’m already having heart palpitations just thinking about her sitting there waiting for us. I told my husband this and he said that if she came here to watch our first then she can come to the hospital and stay as long as we need her to. She deserves it, he said.

Don’t I deserve to have a peaceful delivery and first day home? aren’t I going through enough with childbirth without feeling like I owe her anything? Typing it all out it sounds a little dramatic but it makes sense to me. I just can’t get it through to him. How can I explain it any better? Please help.