Just a PSA

Just because people work in fast food it doesn’t mean they are stupid!!! I work in fast food as I am trying to get my self through college. And I will tell you that in doing so I have never wanted to punch so many old people in the throat and soccer moms. Like look I get it but I want to see anyone of them step in to TODAY society and work with the millennials because I swear to god you will quit or slap the shit out of one of them. They don’t know the meaning of hard work. I have a line in my drive thru and out my building daily and then on top of that have to make sure my customers and staff are ALL doing okay. I work my ass offf daily. I work 60+ hours a week and have NO days off because on my day off I get called 15+ times. So next time you ask to speak to the manager please keep in mind we are DEAD ASS tired. And don’t yell and be disrespectful because 9 times out of 10 it’s are 14th double and we have already been yelled at and over worked. Because if you don’t wish to respect me I will give you the same respect back.

So PS if you want to be a bitch...piss off.