My boyfriend doesn’t want me going on a trip with my best friends of 8 years...

So, I have my two male best friends who I met in high school. We’re been friends for about 8 years.

Some information on them: they’re both gay, and one has a serious boyfriend, and the other has never dated or anything like that.

I started dating my boyfriend a few months ago. He’s met them both a couple of times, together and separately, but he was always with me. My boyfriend doesn’t speak English very well, so he didn’t talk with them much at all. He later admitted he felt a bit uncomfortable around them. I said that they are basically sisters to me, and I’ve known them for a big part of my life. He told me that he understands that, but he still views them as men. (there is a big cultural difference here)

My friends have been planning a group trip to Japan for around 6 months now, one of my friends is Japanese and wants to show us around, so we’re all really looking forward to it.

Recently, my boyfriend found out about it and expressed his disapproval, saying I can’t travel with them anywhere, not just Japan. He’s (mostly) fine with me hanging out with them, but he says a trip is crossing the line for him. We’d obviously be sleeping in different rooms (in Japan they have male/female separated hostels). But after talking with him a little, he said we should talk about it later when the trip gets closer.

I haven’t talked about it with my friends yet. I will definitely bring it up with them, but right now I’m just wondering what other people would do.

So I don’t know what to do. Is he being reasonable? What would you do? Would you go on the trip with your friends, or listen to your boyfriend?

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