5DPO.. not feeling very well


Sooo I took a break from ttc, I was getting too annoyed with so many BFN.

I ovulated last week and had sex on almost every fertile day leading up my ovulation day..

I’ve been extremely tired but what I’ve mainly noticed was my cervical mucus. I know it’s common to have some discharge but I have A LOT. TMI but i can really feel it leaving my body. It’s thick white and odorless. I constantly feel “wet” . My head is also hurting so bad i want to throw up. That part started today. My CM started a few days ago. I was also constipated the other day. I was constipated a lot when I was pregnant with my daughter

I’m afraid to take a test 😭😭.

I know it’s early but has anyone has this type of stuff and got a BFP