What do you think of these texts

Back story.. yesterday I had a horrible day at work. I left early crying bc it was just beyond overwhelming I texted my Bf so he would comfort me. He said he was helping a friend move meanwhile when I moved he didn’t help me. All he said to me was I’m sorry. Didn’t ask me what’s wrong nothing. Just didn’t care. It’s always like this. Just want to know opinions

Edit- first off I didn’t want him to drop everything for me I simply wanted him to text me back asking what’s wrong? Second of all, he ignored me the whole entire night even after telling him something was wrong. Third of all, I never try to fight bc when he do he destroys me calls me every name in the book and more. So no I am not trying to start a fight, but I can understand how i could have said it better. He assumes everything I say is a fight and never listens to the way I feel that’s why we fought. All I wanted was him to listen to what happened at work. I didn’t try to take him from what he was doing I just wanted a text. He was in trouble the other day, I dropped everything webt picked him up. Drove him around all day, helped him move something that could have took me to haul all bc im always there for him not matter what and love him. He’s never there for me so yeah I get frustrated. I don’t get to see him and if I try to talk to him about my feelings in person he gets mad at me and goes off. I can never say anything to him without him getting mad. There’s two sides to every story