Ugly picture of my cracked heels. Anyone else ever have it this severe?

So I have literally had this issue for 15 years. It happened at random when I was 13. Ive been to dermatologist who said it was just dry skin & had to deal with it. My primary doc gave me a steroid cream which softened it but it never went away. I went to a podiatrist who did nothing for me. It seems like no doctor knows what this is.

It’s become my new normal that I haven’t seen a doctor in years. The only thing that temporarily helps is getting a pedicure and it just comes back in full force within a few days/week.

I’m wondering if anyone else has this issue. I know everyone gets dry, cracked heels but again, I’ve had it this severe for 15 years. Sometimes its painful to walk because the skin splits and it starts bleeding. I just can’t take it anymore 😭