So I’m all about natural remedies. I found out that I had PCOS when I had suddenly stopped having my period.. so I went on and online hunt and found a natural remedy. I feel as all women should try this as it is also very healthy for the body. Not going to lie to y’all, it is DISGUSTING ... but don’t puke.. it gets more tolerable as the days go by and it will be worth it when you see that blood come out of your vagina (omg why did I have to say it like that 😐😂😭) Okay. So the remedy is a cocktail.

- 5 Red Beet Roots- peel then cut then juice/blend it.

- 7 Oranges peeled and cut then juiced/blended.

- 1 teaspoon of molasses

- 1 teaspoon of honey

- 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

- 1 peeled and cut/ juiced/ blended piece of ginger.

- 1 whole head of garlic (peeled completely) then cut/ juiced or blended.

- Mix then all together, then add 2 liters of purified water (not bottled or tap water. If those are your only choices then you can just use tap water and boil it so all the germs will die in it.)

I personally put just 2 cups of water because I wanted it to be like not diluted because I know my body requires strong medications to work plus I wanted to get this out of my way as fast as possible lol.

Drink it 2 - 3x a day & you should get your period between 3-7 days.

Oh yeah, and buy a lot of breath mints because honey, that garlic will hit ...😂😂