Am I a negative person?

I was chatting tonight with a guy who I have hung out once with and I didn't hear from him for awhile which was strange because he's the type who responds back right away. I said something along the lines of you're not saying anything? He said "thinking". Just before then we were having a controversial conversation about something so I wasnt sure if he was mad or etc. I messaged him saying that he can be honest with me and that I can take it. He then responded with my reaction to him thinking bad was ridiculously negative. I said I just don't want you to think you have to take it easy on me. I've been in more than one bad relationships and he knows about some of then so I just don't want him to think he has to say certain things to not hurt me. Was I wrong for saying that he doesn't have to take it easy on me? I've been in bad relationships but I don't want those experiences to define me.