Fwb asked me about the other guy I'm seeing

So I have 2 friends with benefits that I see. I've been hooking up with the one this post is about for like 3 years now off and on. I've been hooking up with the other guy that he asked me about for 8 months or so.

Was friends with both of them long before they became fwb so besides the sex I'm still pretty good friends with them. Today the one said "can I ask you a really personal question?" I said sure and then he said "nevermind it's not my business and I don't want you to be mad at me for asking". I told him to just do it and he asked if I ever had sex with him and the other guy on the same day. I said no. He asked how often I had sex with him, I said once a week or so. He asked when the last time I did was and I told him "It was like 4 days ago. I prefer sex with you though because the other guy is kinda boring". He said "how is he boring?.... Nevermind I don't want details. I don't want to think about what he does to you. I only want to think about what I do to you"

So my question is- do you think hes jealous of my other fwb or do you think he's just curious and wanted to make sure he didnt hook up with me the same day I hooked up with the other guy?