Well im a high risk pregnancy

Ashley • Wife 8-3-15,mommy to Jeremy James 6-17-16 & Kaylynn-jo due 4-3-19

Well I was told today I'm high risk due to being overweight and having preeclampsia with my son so I got every 4 weeks for a appointment and ultrasound and then starting at 23 weeks I will go every two then every week at 30 weeks until I have her also got a ultrasound today cause for one they couldn't find her heartbeat on the Doppler so started getting scared but go in for the ultrasound there she is moving and a strong heartbeat of 155 just glad she is ok but here is my baby girl my miss KayLynn-Jo Minnie Phoenix (Phoenix is her animal name my mother in law started it with her children now we all are carrying it on my husband is gator my son is hawk)