Finally i did my reveal at 15 weeks so excited:

Siani • FTM with my rainbow baby 🌈❤️ 2.5 yrs TTC & 1 miscarriage. Blessed with my one son & 🐺🐺

Sooo it seems our wolf pack will be growing again and gaining a new member next year! It's been a long and difficult struggle as most people close to us will be aware - firstly thank you to those of you who have been there supporting us and listening when it all gets a bit much! The shock of not being able to conceive is not something you prepare yourself for, I'm forever going to understand how it feels to be trying to conceive, my heart will always be with couples going through this I think a piece of you always stays in that zone.its the most difficult thing I've ever been through.. But ultimately it helps you become more thankful when you are able and more appreciative of every little step that others take for granted. I want to raise awareness and tell people it's ok to talk about it. To remind people to think of others when they are having a winge, to appreciate what you are able to do, not to ask someone when they are going to have kids (maybe they don't want to maybe they can't maybe that's the thing they want most in life but it's not working), there's so much pressure nowadays to have children we need to be more aware as a community that these issues exist and it hurts to pry into people's personal life's. We weren't comfortable telling people and I hope that we give people hope that it can happen just keep doing you the highs and the lows and your time will come I promise ❤️🌈❤️