Fed up!!!

Jasmyne • Living for both my girls 👩🏽💗👧🏾👶🏽 A’aliyah Sha’limar 5•3•09 👧🏾💗 Imyalis Nicolle 5•3•17 👶🏽💗

I’m freakin fed the hell up. Every freakin day my one year stays up till the crack of fucking dawn. There’s no damn schedule I can put this non sleeping ass child on. I work from 4:30 pm-12:30 am. I’m seriously considering quitting my damn job just to freakin try to get her on some sort of a freakin schedule. The other day I was up literally 19 hours straight from when I woke up at 10:30 am Tuesday morning until 4 am Wednesday morning that my baby FINALLLLLLYYY decided to fall asleep. This is practically every solitary freakin day. She can wake up early and take a early nap and she’ll still stay up till hell rises. I don’t freakin know what the hell to do anymore. I’m honestly beyond fed the hell up. I’m always moody & bitchy & everyone in my house acts like they don’t understand why. I get absolutely no fucking sleep. The most I sleep on a daily is up to 5 hours if that & by 6 o clock pm I’m at work freakin half dead & struggling to stay awake. Thank god I haven’t gotten fired yet, but I honestly wish they would by this point. 🤬🤬🤬🤬