Birth Story: Mia’s Madness


I still have anxiety when I pass the hospital and it’s been 5 months. My precious Amiya had been a rough and painful pregnancy from the very first week we knew. My cramping was so bad I thought I was going to lose her and because of inflammation issues the Braxton Hicks that started way early this time were very painful. By the time we got to the last trimester I was miserable, but nothing truly happened until almost 38 weeks when contractions and dilating started. However two trips to the hospital and a week and a half of feeling like she could fall out and having irregular contractions the pain changed drastically and I requested an induction (it was a hard decision). The day before my scheduled induction I started having extremely painful but irregular contractions. I knew the contraction rule so I timed and waited a few hours and suddenly they went from some being over 10 minutes apart and some less to 3 minutes apart and dropping to the floor. I was home alone with my 3 year old. I frantically called my husband and he rushed home and we went to the hospital. By the time I got in the bed I was crying and I was at a 9. No time for relief or paperwork. Doctor came in and told me to push (i didn’t realize it u til later but I never felt the urge to push). My contractions moved to my back and I hysterically cried after every push. Half way through my doctor said she was sideways and he needed to turn her. Thankfully I was to focused to understand. Took another hour to turn her before she finally came out. (I wanted to punch the RN who kept saying one more push for 2 hours 😬) . She’s cute though. 😊